The population of South America is extremely diverse and hence so is the cultural make up of the continent. Most of South American people can trace their roots to Spain, Portugal, Africa as well as indigenous South Americans. Made up


Travelling through South America is a feast for the senses with something for everyone, whether trekking through the Amazon in Brazil, enjoying the rhythms of the Argentinian Tango or exploring the rich history of the Inca ruins in Peru. South

What is Taste South America all about?

Welcome to Taste South America the website that brings to you the best of all things South American including travel ideas, recipes and culture.

This website was born out of an idea by two sisters who were born in Uruguay and wanted to share their passion for not only their homeland but also all of South America  . The idea is to give the world an insight into the people, food and culture of South America like no travel guide can. Who best to show you how wonderful this continent is than two people who were born and lived there.


Together with a group of other South American born contributors we will be sharing places to see and things to do while travelling in South America. Not only the more popular well know places but those lesser known locations which gives you more of an insight into the countries people.


South American cuisine is vastly varied, with a dish for every occasion and climate. The regions cuisine is a culinary blend of traditions from indigenous Indians, colonialist Spanish and Portuguese as well as their African slaves. We will share with you the some of the best South American recipes that we have cooked all our lives plus others from regions who’s food we are yet to taste. From the Argentinian love of Asado with chimichurrib to Pebre an all purpose salsa a favourite of Chile and Alfajores Uruguay’s favourite caramel filled biscuits.


South America has always been a vibrant, energetic and colourful place with much of their culture inter wound with their spirituality . Their culture has many Festivals whether celebrating the dead, life or appeasing the gods it has it all. With a reputation for a good night of partying South Americans  love to dance and you are never far from being involved in a good Brazilian Samba, the Argentinian Tango or the Colombian Cumbia.


We hope that together with our many other contributors we can bring to you the best of South America.