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Welcome to Taste South America the website that brings to you the best of all things South American including travel ideas, recipes and culture.

This website was born out of an idea by two retired South American mothers who wanted to share their passion for their homeland. The idea was to give the world an insight into the people, food and culture of South America like no travel guide can. Who best to show you how wonderful this continent is than two people who grew up there.

We hope that together with our many other contributors we can bring to you the best of South America.



Hi my name is Graciela Hofr, I am 62 years old and I was born in Uruguay South America the 2nd oldest in a family of 6 kids. Our family migrated to Australia when I was 20 years old and we have lived here ever since.

As an adult I love to travel and have been back to South America many a time to visit family . I have always loved cooking from a young age and enjoyed watching my mum while she cooked All our family celebrations revolve around our food and cooking traditions. I hope to bring to you some great South American recipes and stories of places to see.


I’m her sister Silvia Carozo born in Uruguay also and I am the oldest Daugther in a family of six. To tell the truth I have never been inclined to cook but I love baking. I baked my first cake when I was seven yrs old. I still remember it vividly, it was an orange sponge cake soaked with the drink “Crush”!

I grew up watching my mother cook up storm every day for a family of 8, we would always have three course meals(when money available ). I tried to make almost everything I had seen my mum make. In Uruguay we cook a variety of food with and European influence.

Traditions are what make South American food special. Whether its on a rainy day when we fry pastry called “torta fritas’ , a special dry fish dish for Good Friday or  asado(style of spare ribs cooked on an open fire) glazed with chimichurri(traditional spicy herb sauce). But everyone’s favourite tradition in our family of 62 is home made “Noquis de papa” which is a traditional pasta cooked on the 29th of every month.

I have travel ed through out South America visiting Argentina, Brazil and Chile to name a few. It is a wonderful continent full of history and rich culture.

We both hope you enjoy visiting our website and feel free to contribute any South American stories you might hav

Hope you enjoy The Taste of South America